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To Our Current and Future Clients

We know you have read about and listened to directives to close business and remain home. Of course, we will abide by the regulations as they pertain to us. In that context, you should know that Graziano & Flynn, P.C. remains fully operational and has implemented the necessary procedures and processes that will allow us to fully represent our clients with the vigor they have come to expect.

In discussing the American revolution, Thomas Paine wrote these words in December 1776:

“These are the times that try men’s souls”. The suffering inflicted by the Corona Virus in terms of our health and our economy brings these words to mind.

We at Graziano & Flynn see the impact this pandemic has had on parenting time issues, support issues and even divorce. Although the Courthouses are closed, they are still fully functioning with video and telephonic hearings and conferences. So are we!

We have analyzed the case and statutory law and applied them to this situation.

We know that if you have been terminated or furloughed and can no longer pay your support, we may be able to get you relief in Court.

If you feel your children’s health is endangered by exposure to the virus during parenting time or if the child’s other parent is falsely claiming you are exposing the child to the virus, we may be able to present that to the Court and modify parenting time.

If you have been contemplating a divorce and “sheltering at home” has not improved the situation, we can help you.

Please Know That:

  1. We operate with a fully cloud-based case management system. Therefore we can access information remotely as well as in the office. Put differently, your information is always at our fingertips, and is secure.
  2. We have implemented the capability to conduct virtual conferences and even meetings with clients and other lawyers. We will utilize Zoom, Facetime and other applications.
  3. Our telephone system is VOIP and is fully operational. Please feel free to call as you would have in the past. Your calls will be promptly returned.
  4. We have a locked drop box outside of our office in the event that you are unable to fax or email documents to us. While clients should not come into the office, there will be limited staff available during normal business hours to retrieve documents immediately. Simply call or email us to let us know it’s there.

There are many new family law issues created by this Corona virus crisis. We are prepared to help and look forward to representing you forcefully with the same zeal as always.

Finally and most importantly, we extend our best wishes to you. Stay safe. We will get through this together.

Ron, Robyn, and the rest of the staff at Graziano & Flynn, P.C.

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