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Getting Divorced? New Jersey Allows You to Choose Any Name You Like

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It’s not unusual for women who are going through a divorce to want to stop using their married name. Post divorce, it’s important to find yourself again and learn how to be a “me” instead of a “we.” Going back to your maiden name is one way to recapture your own identity.

In New Jersey, you can request to change your name in the initial divorce paperwork you file with the court. This paperwork is called “a complaint.” Routinely, this request will be granted at the divorce hearing. You must appear at this proceeding to answer a few questions about why you want to change your name. The court is likely to accept any explanation for your desire to change your name, as long as you are not trying to avoid creditors or trying to escape a criminal investigation.

Further, you don’t have to go with your maiden name. New Jersey law allows the court to approve a name change to the name you had before marriage, or any other surname of your choosing.

An attorney will be more familiar with the rules and motion requirements associated with changing your name before, during or after divorce proceedings. If you need help, contact the compassionate family lawyers at Graziano & Flynn. We can help you with all of your divorce related matters, including your name change.

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