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Three Tips for Hiring the Right Divorce Attorney

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There are always a few standard key players in the divorce process, namely the two spouses and the children, if they had any. However, in almost every divorce story, there is another, less-frequently discussed character who can severely impact the proceedings: the attorney. When you decide to file for divorce, it’s critical that you avoid making the mistake of thinking that any attorney will do. Many lawyers who insist they can handle your divorce, even though they have no experience in the area, often lack both the wisdom to concede certain points and the guts to stand their ground.

The fact is that divorce lawyers are a breed all their own. Before choosing an attorney, keep the following things in mind:

Hire to CompeteWhether you’re anticipating an amicable divorce or an acrimonious divorce, you need a lawyer who can be firm enough to vigorously represent your interests. At the end of the day, this isn’t a marriage; it’s a divorce, and things can get ugly and confusing very quickly. Be sure you have a lawyer who can roll with the punches and, if needed, punch back twice as hard.

Flex-PerienceYou need a divorce lawyer with both flexibility and experience. The fact is that no two divorces are exactly the same and you’d do well to hire an attorney who has “seen it all.” With this experience will invariably come an ability to adapt and prepare for the twists and turns that are so common in many divorces.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask QuestionsThe last thing you want to do is be trapped in another failed partnership. This is why it’s important to ask preliminary questions before signing a letter of agreement with an attorney. Be sure to verify their track record and talk to them about what they’ve been able to do for their other clients.

The divorce attorneys at Graziano and Flynn are well versed in New Jersey’s family and divorce laws. We will aggressively represent your interests at the negotiation table and in court. If you’re on the verge of parting ways with your spouse, contact us for a free consultation.

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