Complex Division of Property

Property and Debt Division in a New Jersey Divorce

The distribution of assets for high-income individuals, business owners, entertainers and entrepreneurs is more complex than for many couples. At Graziano & Flynn, P.C., in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we have significant experience handling complex property distribution issues that arise during the divorce process.

Call us at 856-499-4351 or toll free 866-948-7568 to talk to a New Jersey complex property division attorney. You can also send us an email and we will respond promptly. We handle cases in Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County and throughout the state.
Experienced Property Division Lawyers

Our attorneys bring 60 years of combined legal experience to every family law matter we handle. We understand how to evaluate what constitutes separate property and marital property. In addition, we regularly employ a host of experts to find hidden assets, evaluate real estate and determine the value of family-owned or closely held businesses. Some of the experts we commonly work with include accountants, forensic accountants, real estate evaluators, business evaluators, and lifestyle analysts.

We are skilled at tracing assets, and we have handled divorces involving a wide range of traditional and non-traditional assets, including:

  • Privately owned businesses and appreciated business assets
  • Professional practices
  • Retirement accounts, pensions, and 401(k)s
  • Investment accounts and investment portfolios
  • Trusts
  • Publishing royalties
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Family business(es) of one spouse

In situations where couples co-mingled separate assets, we can help establish the portion of the assets that are separate along with the increase in value of those assets during the marriage. We also look at the contribution each party made to the acquisition, dissipation, preservation and depreciation or appreciation of those assets, including the contributions of stay-at-home parents and homemakers. Often, neither party knows the full value of complex marital estates. We work with our clients to establish the correct value and work to ensure that our clients receive the fairest possible distribution of assets.

Contact Our Cherry Hill Attorneys with Your Asset Valuation Concerns

If you are considering divorce and have questions about the distribution of marital assets, please contact Graziano & Flynn, P.C. We can be reached at 856-499-4351 or toll free 866-948-7568. You can also send us an email and we will respond promptly.

Client Reviews
Mr. Graziano had my best interests in mind when he represented me. He is clearly knowledgeable and handled my divorce quickly and efficiently. I'd hire him if I ever found myself needing a divorce lawyer again. Nadia
Attorney Graziano is one of the brightest and most compassionate professionals which anyone could work with! He is a great advocate and is extremely knowledgable of the judicial system. He made a very unpleasant legal situation a pleasant journey, and he helped keep things in perspective and in a positive light. I fully recommend him without reservation! Danielle
Hiring the right attorney to represent your divorce case is one of the most important decisions you will ever make! I was fortunate enough to hire Ron to handle my case and had what I believe to be a favorable outcome. I based my opinion on achieving the goals we set in the beginning of the case and comparing my final outcomes to friends and colleagues that went through the process with other attorneys. Thank you Ron! Craig
It seemed like my case took forever but I trusted Ron Grazaino and listened to what he had to say. Mr Graziano said that the insurance company was not being fair and that we should go to trial. The trial was very nerve racking however he eased my mind and killed them with proof and knowledge. My outcome of my trial brought me to tears of joy. I could never imagine such a good outcome. Listen to him, have faith and you too will be impressed. Robin
Ron is an extremely trustworthy lawyer. Listen to what he says and have faith in him, you will be as impressed as I am! I couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome in my case. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to represent me, I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing lawyer!!
His staff is amazing as well!!