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Heavy Equipment Accidents

Heavy Equipment Must Be in Top Working Order Contact an Attorney if You Were Hurt on a Construction Site in South Jersey

As a society, we are often intrigued by giant yellow or orange construction vehicles and want to find out what’s going on behind the protective fence of a construction site. While we look on with interest, operators of heavy equipment such as cranes, pavers, backhoes, bulldozers, or concrete mixers, are well aware of the dangers they face. These types of heavy machines can cause devastating injuries when something goes wrong.

If you or someone you know has been injured, or worse, in a construction accident involving a piece of heavy equipment or machinery in NJ, contact a lawyer at Graziano & Flynn, P.C. We have won millions of dollars, in settlements and trial verdicts, for construction workers, like you, who have been injured while operating, or while in the vicinity of, heavy equipment in Gloucester County and throughout New Jersey.

Heavy Machinery is Dangerous, but Necessary, on Construction Sites

Contractors and construction workers can’t build huge structures, create highway and bridge infrastructure or do any of the other things that we depend on them to do unless they use heavy equipment. Cranes, fork lifts and excavators are used to help lift incredibly heavy equipment from place to place, mix, pour and spread materials and dig foundations, etc. With necessity, however, comes an inherent danger associated with bone-crushing mechanisms.

The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that construction site accidents involving heavy equipment are often incredibly severe. In fact, the number of employees killed after being hit by objects falling from equipment or by the actual heavy machinery itself increased by seven percent in 2012, year over year. The majority of injuries reported were blamed on the following:

  1. Misuse or inappropriate operation of the equipment
  2. Equipment that was not properly designed or is defective
  3. Lack of traffic controls/proper communication to machine operators
  4. Materials falling from equipment
  5. Tipping/falling of machinery
  6. Noise
  7. Hazardous materials
Contact Construction Accident Injury Lawyer Ron Graziano Today

If you have been hurt at work, on a construction site, you are likely facing mounting medical bills, considerable pain from injuries suffered and possibly lost wages because you are in rehab or recovering at home. Ron Graziano will investigate your case and, if possible, will hold your employer responsible for your injuries. Mr. Graziano has been named a top lawyer in New Jersey’s Super Lawyers magazine, and he was also listed in the publication “The Best Lawyers in America.”

For a free, initial consultation to discuss your case, call us today or send us an email and we will respond promptly. We will go to bat for you, helping you recover as much in compensation as we possibly can.

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