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Is There Really Such a Thing as a Friendly Divorce?

When you think of the word “divorce,” it’s very hard to be happy. The decision to go separate ways after being married – whether for a month, a year or 25 years – is stressful, emotional and it’s not uncommon to be very confused and angry. The idea of a “friendly divorce” may seem as unlikely as running into Big Foot in your neighborhood.

While we would all like them to go as smoothly as your standard bank or grocery-store transaction, hurt feelings, a sense of entitlement and a certain level of greed tend to make divorces pretty ugly. This is even more true if the decision to split up is not mutual. With assets and children involved, the divorce process is rarely easy. However, believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be a blood bath.

With the right legal representation, you can be assured that your interests are protected. Your lawyer will work with the other side to fairly negotiate the various aspects of the divorce agreement, including child custody and support, alimony, equitable distribution of assets and more. It is possible to get through the process relatively unscathed.

If you think that you’ve captured lightning in a bottle and are on track for a “friendly divorce” from your spouse, remember that things can change at the drop of a hat and the swipe of a pen. If there is one thing that’s certain in divorce proceedings, emotions run high and it’s very difficult to navigate the system without a lawyer.

One minute it may be: “I don’t want anything, I just want a clean break” and the next it can be “You were hiding money where?!” As divorce has become more and more common over the years, the default first step has been meeting with the best lawyer available to make sure you’re protected, and for good reason. An inequitable divorce agreement has led many to complete and total destitution. Don’t let this happen to you. Once you decide to take this step, protect yourself by making decisions that will help you move on as quickly as possible to the next stage in life.

If you or your spouse are filing for divorce, let the attorneys at Graziano and Flynn help you. We’ve helped countless couples through the process and we will be by your side – whether you opt for a calm collaborative law process or things get more emotional and difficult. We’ll protect your rights every step of the way.

Client Reviews
Attorney Graziano is one of the brightest and most compassionate professionals which anyone could work with! He is a great advocate and is extremely knowledgable of the judicial system. He made a very unpleasant legal situation a pleasant journey, and he helped keep things in perspective and in a positive light. I fully recommend him without reservation! Danielle
Robyn made the divorce process bearable by making sure I was ok every step of the way. She was a fighter when she needed to be and compassionate the rest of the time. The thing I liked best about her is that she was encouraging when I needed to get my end of the work done. She was reasonably priced and worked hard to get my case settled. I have since recommended her to 3 other friends who have retained her services. Ana Z.
It seemed like my case took forever but I trusted Ron Graziano and listened to what he had to say. Mr Graziano said that the insurance company was not being fair and that we should go to trial. The trial was very nerve racking however he eased my mind and killed them with proof and knowledge. My outcome of my trial brought me to tears of joy. I could never imagine such a good outcome. Listen to him, have faith and you too will be impressed. Robin
After a divorce, my ex-husband was not keeping up with his scheduled child support payments. With the help and knowledge of Robyn Flynn, I was able to resolve this issue. Being a single mother of three children, Robyn Flynn made me a priority. I felt respected by her always keeping me informed and encouraged. She was not only my lawyer, but a friend during a very stressful time in my life. I would never use another attorney other than Robyn Flynn and highly recommend her to my friends as a trustworthy, professional and experienced lawyer. Anna H.
Ron is an extremely trustworthy lawyer. Listen to what he says and have faith in him, you will be as impressed as I am! I couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome in my case. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to represent me, I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing lawyer!!
His staff is amazing as well!!
Robyn is an excellent litigator and educated/guided me throughout my divorce. She is incredibly gifted in managing your case and fighting for you with opposing consul. Through the dark days she kept me going and helped me get the results me and my children deserved. Chris K.

(Results may vary depending upon your particular facts and legal circumstances.)