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Changing or Amending Your Child Visitation Agreement

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When you’re forced to give up full custody of your child, it is completely understandable if you feel as though your world has turned upside down. For however long you lived with your children, they were the center of your universe. Now, divorced and living apart, you feel isolated, lonely and cut out of their lives.

Even though you know it’s in their best interest, this knowledge doesn’t make the separation any easier. Before you know it, you’re living for that fleeting 48 hours – visitation time when you get to spend time with your child.

The good news is, however, that circumstances always change and so can custody and visitation agreements. After the divorce and custody arrangements have been finalized, you and your spouse can create a stipulated custody modification with or without the court’s approval. You will, however, need court intervention if the agreement is to be legally changed.

In order to get the court to approve a custody modification, you will need to illustrate that you’re ready to take on more parental responsibility, including.

Modifying or Decreasing Your Work ScheduleIf you originally couldn’t balance being a more involved parent due to your career, you will need to show the judge that you’ve taken steps to cut back on your hours and are fully committed to your obligations under the revised custody agreement. This can work both ways. If your ex has decided that they want to take on more responsibilities at their job, it could be a perfect opportunity for you to revisit your existing agreement.

Moving Closer to Your Child Many custody agreements are a simple matter of proximity. The parents may not wish to disrupt the child’s school schedule or the life that they’ve built in their community. If you move you far away from your child after your divorce, relocating closer to home can send a strong signal that you’re ready to take on a more involved role.

Significant Lifestyle Change This can mean anything from overcoming substance abuse to simply getting a more suitable place to live. It’s important to demonstrate your overall readiness to have children around you if you are to convince a judge to modify a legally binding agreement.

An experienced family law attorney can help represent your suitability to take a more active role in your child’s life and convince the court to change your custody arrangement.

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