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Child Custody Battles Don’t Have to Be International to Be Difficult

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We’ve heard the stories all too often. New Jersey mom or dad flees the Garden State with their child. If they are going to another state in the country, there is usually cooperation between states to help bring the child home. However, when the case goes international – a parent takes the child back to their homeland – the stakes are much higher and the challenge more difficult. The other parent is left behind, confused, and frustrated with a legal system that isn’t responsive to international child custody laws.

Such is the case of a Long Valley man, Paul Eksteen, who recently pressed kidnapping charges against his ex-wife for taking their son back to her home country of Paraguay. It’s been 17 months since he has seen his son and the US government was “giving him the runaround,” Eksteen said.

Now, however, a civil court order was issued directing the boys mom to surrender her passport and the child’s in an effort to prohibit further travel.

You may recall another famous international custody dispute. Back in 2004, David Goldman’s wife took their four-year-old son to Brazil. After years of fighting, Goldman finally was able to bring his son back to New Jersey. This case inspired the US government to pass a law that gives the State Department the right to use forceful measures against any country who does not aid in returning an American child to the US.

The topic of child custody, especially between sparring spouses, is never easy or simple. A skilled family lawyer who understands NJ’s child custody laws is a must-have resource. Your child has rights, as do you, and an experienced NJ child custody lawyer will fight for your best interests and will work hard to protect your child, as well.

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