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Collaborative Law: A Kinder, Gentler and Potentially Cheaper Divorce

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The New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act is set to go into effect soon, after having been signed into law in September by NJ Gov. Chris Christie. The law shines a light on alternative dispute resolution as a potentially less stressful way of getting divorced.

The process, which uses attorneys to assist clients in resolving disputes, allows the divorce to be managed outside of a courtroom. It can be much less costly and certainly less adversarial. Of course, both parties must agree to go the collaborative law divorce route and it won’t work if the parties don’t agree to put hostilities aside, especially if there are seriously contentious issues to be sorted out.

The entire collaborative law process is private and provides a calmer, less stressful opportunity for divorcing spouses to make decisions about children, alimony, assets and more. The decisions made in the proceeding, outlined in a signed settlement agreement, are legally final and binding.

Additionally, if either party decides, after entering in to the collaborative law process, that they want to stop the discussions and, instead, file for a traditional court divorce, they may absolutely do so. However, they must choose different lawyers to represent them going forward.

Collaborative law divorce provides New Jersey residents a way to separate from their marriage and move on with their lives without all the anger and fighting that usually accompanies traditional divorce proceedings.

If you or someone you know is considering divorce, or if you have a family law issues that requires the assistance of a caring lawyer, contact Robyn Flynn at the law firm of Graziano & Flynn. Ms. Flynn has represented many South Jersey residents in their divorce, child custody and alimony proceedings.

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