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Divorce More Likely for Couples with Children

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Becoming a parent can have a devastating effect on a person’s marital happiness, according to a marriage expert who examined numerous studies of the impact of children on marriage.

Matthew Johnson, a professor of psychology and director of the Marriage and Family Studies Laboratory at Binghamton University in New York, wrote a book that required him to closely examine decades of studies on what having a child can do to a marriage, with a particular emphasis on what parenthood does to mothers. What Johnson found is that there is an inverse relationship between a mother’s bond with her child and the strength of her relationship with her spouse.

It has long been held that being a parent is one of the best aspects of life, and certainly this is true for a lot of people. However, parenthood is not always idyllic, especially for people who are already struggling in a marriage. Johnson found that nearly every marriage study reached the same conclusion: the marital relationship suffers considerably as soon as kids are introduced into the equation.

Although most married couples tend to be happiest during the first few years of marriage, with marital happiness generally declining over time, the decline is particularly steep for couples with children. In many cases, the reason for divorce might actually be unhappiness brought on by children. This seems counterintuitive, since it has generally been believed that children bring joy and love and happiness to a marriage.

Additionally, the potential negative effects of having children can be even more pronounced when the pregnancy is unplanned.

One of the big reasons for the rise in marital discord after having children is that the household dynamics change, with the spouses spending more and more time focused on their children and less time interacting with one another.

For additional information, access the article, “Decades of Studies Show What Happens to Marriages after Having Kids.

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