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Explaining Child Custody to Your Kid

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Being embroiled in a divorce that involves child custody matters can be a heart-wrenching experience for everyone involved. While parents themselves may feel the heartache and fear of losing time with their children, it’s often the children themselves who feel the most emotional impact from the changes. If you are going through a divorce, your child probably is wondering what is going to happen: where will they live and who will take care of them?

Communication is Key; Here Are Some Tips About Talking About this Topic with Your Child

  • Both you and your spouse should try to reassure the child that the divorce is not the child’s fault, and that both of you love them. It is very common for children to feel like a divorce or separation is somehow their fault, and it is crucial for parents to do their best to assure them that this is not the case.
  • When discussing your plans with your child, it’s important to explain to them that the child custody plan that you have is about their best interests. Discuss the positive sides of the plan and reassure them that they will still get to spend time with both of you when possible.
  • If the judge is willing to listen to your child, it’s important to allow your child to speak up about their wishes involving child custody. Even so, it’s important to tell your child that this may not be the sole determining factor of who they get to live with the majority of the time.
  • You also should make your child very well aware of the fact that even if you lose custody of him or her, you will still be allowed visitation. Explaining to them that you are not going to drop out of their lives is extremely reassuring.
  • It may also be a good idea to get counseling for you and your child during the divorce. During these difficult times, communication becomes even more important, and can bring the two of you together. Being able to talk things out with a counselor may help the emotional upheaval both of your feel.

Going through a divorce that involves a child’s custody is an extremely difficult situation. Hiring a compassionate family lawyer who will be by your side and help to protect your best interests is important for you and your child. If you are going through a divorce and need an experienced, and skilled divorce lawyer, call Graziano & Flynn today.

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