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It’s Not Only Possible, but Beneficial, to Attempt an Amicable Divorce

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When you hear the word divorce, it’s not unusual to think about strong feelings: bitterness, acrimony and vengeance. Sure, emotions may be flying high. There are many questions to ask – and answer – and many decisions to make. However, when the two spouses can agree to disagree and work together to end their marriage amicably, there doesn’t have to be a legal bloodbath.

Whether the issue is about money and assets or, perhaps more importantly, the welfare of your children, it is possible to go through a divorce without screaming and name-calling. Civility can prevail. Collaborative law divorce will allow you to settle matters more quickly and likely less expensively than a traditional divorce. In an effort to buck trends and endeavor a kinder, gentler divorce, here are a few things to consider:

Maturity and Mutual Respect You started out, hopefully, in love. You grew apart – for whatever reason. Try to hold onto the respect you once had for each other, even if it has waned now. Communication is the key.

Remember the Children When in doubt, put your children first. Even if you feel you have many reasons to dislike you spouse at the moment, your children need you to be strong. A messy divorce can inflict lasting emotional trauma on the children and cause them to form negative perceptions of marriage in their adult lives.

Choose an Emotionally Mature Attorney When hiring a divorce attorney, it’s important to choose someone with the experience and knowledge to assist you with your desire to do this amicably. However, you also need someone who will be by your side if, and when, you need to play hardball.

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