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Things You Should Know Before Your First Divorce Court Appearance

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The divorce process is often extremely stressful, particularly if the divorce is contentious. Moreover, when there are children involved, or other issues like property disputes, things can become heated in a hurry. If you are about to go through a divorce in New Jersey, you could end up making a number of court appearances in NJ family courts.

You are probably concerned about protecting your assets and your rights during the divorce. Before you enter the courtroom for the first time, it is important to realize that how the judge perceives you throughout the proceedings could go a long way toward determining your ultimate fate.

Here are some things you should keep in mind prior to your first court date:

  • Your Appearance Matters: It might not seem fair, but the reality is that how you look could matter a great deal in your divorce. Your appearance is a quick signifier for the divorce court judge, who might make all kinds of assumptions based on your appearance. Moreover, remember that first impressions matter, so make sure you are dressed conservatively and appear professional when you show up for your first divorce court hearing. And do not wear any ostentatious jewelry or accessories – you don’t want to give the judge the wrong impression about your financial needs in the divorce.
  • Be Truthful at All Times: Don’t lie during your court appearances. And never lie to the judge. Even if it’s about something seemingly insignificant, one little falsehood could destroy your credibility in the eyes of the judge.
  • Remain Calm: Although it can be difficult to keep your emotions in check when your spouse is on the other side of the courtroom, possibly even telling lies about you, it is imperative that you remain cool, calm and composed throughout the divorce process. Let your attorney handle the difficult issues so that the judge doesn’t form a negative impression of you.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, or you have already begun the divorce process, a qualified family law and divorce attorney can assist you. The successful divorce lawyers at Graziano & Flynn, P.C. have decades of experience helping clients navigate divorce courts in New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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