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Want Your Marriage to Last? Wait Two Years before Getting Married

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One of the keys to a long-lasting marriage is to wait at least two years before making the decision to tie the knot, according to Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and human behavior expert at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute.

Fisher is a leading expert on the biology behind relationships and love. She has spent the better part of four decades studying various aspects of love and attraction. With recent estimates from the American Psychological Association indicating that between 40 and 50 percent of all married couples in the U.S. ultimately end up filing for divorce, more and more people are turning to experts like Fisher for “answers” when it comes to making their marriages last.

Fisher’s advice to anyone thinking about getting married: wait two years before marrying your future spouse if you want to increase the likelihood of your marriage going the distance. The reasons for this are partly chemical: falling in love with a new person can activate regions of the brain associated with things like drive, craving, obsession and motivation. These “early stage intense feelings” can subsequently hinder a person’s thought process and lead to illogical decisions – such as getting married too early and not properly planning ahead. Taking things slow – and waiting a few years before making the lifelong commitment to marry a significant other – can have the benefit of allowing a person’s brain to “readjust” for decision making.

Fisher’s advice to wait at least two years before getting married does come with a caveat: she still says that “people should marry when they feel like marrying.” Just don’t be surprised if the marriage eventually ends in divorce.

To learn more, read the article, “Here’s How Many Years a Relationship Expert Says to Wait before Tying the Knot.

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