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What Are the Most Common Predictors of Divorce in the US?

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A recent study sought to identify the key predictors of divorce among married couples in the United States.

There are certain issues that arise over and over again in marriages that ultimately end in divorce, according to researchers at the University of Washington who conducted a detailed study of marriage and divorce.

The study examined the marital histories of couple during a 40-year time period and found that some of the biggest predictors of divorce include:

  • Ridicule: Researchers said that ridicule is the top indicator of a marriage that may be on the rocks. It is important for spouses to respect each other. When one spouse ridicules the other spouse, it suggests a lack of respect for the other person.
  • Criticism: Spouses need to be careful about criticizing their marital partner. Of course, a little constructive criticism may be okay, particularly when both spouses value honesty in their relationship. However, going too far with criticism can cause a great deal of friction in the marital relationship.
  • Defensiveness: It is important for a spouse to truly listen to their marriage partner and avoid getting too defensive, especially when a mistake has been made. Owning up to mistakes and working to correct a problem in the relationship can be good for the married couple in the long run.
  • Stoicism: Communicating with your marital partner and being emotionally open and honest can be crucial to making to a marriage last.
  • Stonewalling: A running theme throughout the “predictors of divorce” is open communication among spouses. When a spouse refuses to engage in a dialogue with their marital partner, it can lead to discord and trust issues.

One of the keys to a healthy marriage, said the researchers who conducted the study, is to avoid making sarcastic comments or telling mean-spirited jokes at the expense of the other spouse. Additionally, researchers suggested that married couples who want to remain in a lasting, loving relationship should make sure to live in the present and avoid focusing too much on the past.

Another important factor in marriages that last is body language. The researchers who conducted the study said that married couples need to be careful when it comes to their body language because they may be communicating more than they intend simply through their gestures, such as eye rolls and smirks.

For more information, view the article, “New Study Reveals the Key Predictors of Divorce.

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