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Why Do Most Divorces Happen? Ask Women!

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Think about divorce for a moment. Why do most people get divorced? Perhaps the couple grows apart? Maybe it comes down to fighting about money – who is earning what and who is spending what. Adultery is certainly a reason marriages come to a crashing halt, as well.

According to the Association for Retired Persons (AARP) – an unlikely source for this type of information, when you think about it – almost two-thirds of the people asking for divorce are women. AARP conducted a survey of over 1,000 people – both men and women – ages 40 to 79. Women respondents said that husbands verbally abusing or emotionally neglecting them ranks at the top of the list of reasons why they want out.

Additionally, men seem to be the last to know. Many men interviewed said they were completely blindsided by the news their wives wanted divorces. Even when wives have suggested counseling, men didn’t seem aware that a break-up was imminent.

In addition to emotional abuse, women say that many men only pay attention to them when they want sex or food. They don’t clean or take care of the children with the same effort the wife does or feels they should, respondents said. Other reasons wives give for giving up on their marriages, include:

  • He doesn’t listen to me
  • He is only interested in sports
  • He doesn’t do his part in the home
  • He isn’t the man I married

People change over time, that’s for certain. When a couple strays too far apart from each other emotionally, thoughts of divorce often creep into the conversation. It’s important, though, to consider all the ramifications of divorce – impact on the children, living situation, ability to survive finally and more.

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