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You Can Run from Divorce, but You Cannot Hide

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At the end of the day, it all comes back to Facebook. Try as we might, it’s very hard these days to escape social media. In fact, although he has yet to respond, a man was notified via private message on Facebook that his wife wanted to end their marriage.

A New York judge decided to allow a Brooklyn woman to serve her husband a divorce summons through the app, because it was determined the man was evading process servers.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper, on March 27, told Ellanora Biadoo that it was OK to message her husband announcing her plans to divorce him. “[P]laintiff is granted permission to serve defendant with the divorce summons using a private message through Facebook,” the judge wrote.

Baidoo’s lawyer told the judge that the couple has been in touch via Facebook which is why the electronic serving was permitted.

Judge Cooper’s decision might have set an unusual precedent for those looking to divorce their spouses. However, the more traditional way of filing for divorce is to present one’s soon-to-be-ex with papers, either personally or through a court-order process server.

Anyone looking to file for divorce must first tackle the often-complex paperwork and file it properly with the local court. Mistakes can be costly in both time and money. Make sure you hire an experienced lawyer who will protect your rights while drafting the divorce complaint as well as during asset/debt negotiations and any child custody issues you may have.

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