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You Want to Introduce Our Children to Who? When Divorced Couples Date

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Difficult situations inevitably arise when parents are divorcing, but tensions can grow overwhelmingly high when one parent decides to introduce a third party – such as a boyfriend or girlfriend – to the children and even to the ex-spouse. The other parent may think it’s too soon, and children can grow confused, become angry and even act out.

Following divorce, it’s a smart idea to use common sense to manage the outcome of this type of situation. Emotions are running high all around. Courts encourage parents to work together toward a solution that is appropriate for their children. When this is not possible, courts will often intervene, offering guidelines on the best way to introduce third parties to children.

Morality is no longer a good reason, in the eyes of the courts, for why a third party should not be introduced to the children. Morality used to be a viable argument, however, given the changes in our society today and the ever-increasing number of single parents and blended families, the position of morality is basically off the table.

What the courts will focus on, however, is whether there is a risk of harm to the child by being exposed to the third party. For instance, if this individual has a criminal history, is physically or emotionally abusive or has an addiction problem, the court will likely intervene to limit, or prohibit, the child’s exposure to the individual.

This can be a highly emotional situation that may require the help of a family law attorney. If there are any concerns about the safety or well-being of the children around a third party, or if an ex-spouse is creating false concerns, it is advisable to contact an experienced family law attorney immediately.

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