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3 Things to Consider When Putting Together a Parenting Plan

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In a perfect world, nobody would get divorced. In an almost perfect world, those who do decide that they can’t make their marriage work could settle their issues amicably, particularly where their children are concerned. Unfortunately, as adults know all too well, nothing is perfect.

When child custody issues can’t be worked out within the family and must be decided by the courts, it’s critical to have a family lawyer on your side who will fight for what you want. Cherry Hill, NJ attorney Ron Graziano of Graziano & Flynn will work to make sure your child’s best interests are protected.

In such cases, it becomes necessary for both parents to submit detailed parenting plans to the judge in an effort to iron out their child custody disputes. If you find yourself having to submit a parenting plan in your divorce, Mr. Graziano can review all the items that need to be included and make sure you have all your bases covered.

Permanent ResidenceOne of the main things a judge is going to want to see is that you and your spouse have worked out where your children will live full time. A number or issues can influence this decision, including the location of school the child will attend, each parent’s work schedule, proximity to other family and friends and financial situation.

Holiday and Weekend Visitation SchedulesAnother important part of a sound parenting plan is a realistic and sustainable visitation schedule for the parent with more limited physical custody. This includes determining which parent has the kids for various holidays, overnight stays at the non-custodial parent’s house and even how the children will get transported between spouses. If your situation is extremely volatile and it’s difficult to communicate with your ex, make sure you include very specific guidelines in this parenting plan such as pick up and drop off times and what happens in an emergency situation.

Religion and Education It’s important that each parent establishes their role in their child’s education and religious upbringing. If the parents do not agree on these important issues, the arguments will come up again and again – especially around holidays, special events and as the child ages and needs to graduate to new schools.

The higher the conflict level that exists within the divorce, the more detailed a parenting plan should be to avoid any confusion or gray areas that can be exploited by either party. When it comes time for you to craft a sound parenting plan, speak with an experienced and qualified divorce attorney.

For many years, Graziano & Flynn has been helping clients move through their divorces in minimal time and without collateral damage. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can begin to protect your interests regarding spousal support, child custody and more.

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