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Navigating a divorce can be an emotional and stressful experience, even when it’s amicable. Is there a custody agreement? Child support? Alimony? You’re losing a relationship, facing all the change that comes with that shift, and you have the difficult task of addressing what each party is due. That can be especially stressful when you have significant financial assets. 

If you’re getting divorced and want to ensure equitable division of complex assets through a trusted high net worth divorce lawyer, choose Graziano & Flynn. We’ll be your biggest advocates and greatest defenders, guiding you through the divorce process with empathy and compassion.  

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Hire NJ High Net Worth Divorce Law Firm For Asset Division

Being able to identify, value, and assure equitable division of assets according to New Jersey law makes divorce much more complex. A high net worth divorce can take longer, involve many disputes, and require more professionals. To ensure you’re getting everything you deserve, work with a law firm experienced in these high net worth cases. 

Learn How Graziano & Flynn Can Help With High Net Worth Divorces

A high net worth divorce can be a complicated, emotionally taxing, and stressful experience. At Graziano & Flynn, you’re not just a case number. With over 100+ years of combined experience, our team is committed to compassionate and ethical legal representation. 

Each high net worth divorce is unique and requires a thorough assessment of your financial circumstances as well as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Our attorneys guide you through the complexities that come with dividing high net worth and valuable assets. At Graziano & Flynn, we tailor our representation to your specific needs. 

Factors Impacting the Final Equitable Distribution Agreements in New Jersey

Going through a high net worth divorce involves many moving pieces, and several factors impact finalizing an equitable distribution agreement. 

Equitable vs. Equal: What’s the difference?

What’s equitable is not the same as what’s equal. If we worked toward equal distribution of your assets, that would look like a 50/50 split where everyone gets the same amount regardless of their situation. An equitable distribution agreement in New Jersey means the parties involved are awarded the resources they need depending on their individual circumstances.

Postnuptial and Prenuptial Agreements

A postnuptial and prenuptial agreement is put into place after or prior to marriage to establish clear communication around finances and put a plan in place if you end the union in the future. These agreements often address the following in the case of divorce:

  • Ownership and use of property
  • Division of assets
  • Allocation of debt
  • Amount and duration of alimony
  • Obligations to create a trust or will in the event of a death
  • Which state law applies to the agreement

Prenups and postnups may or may not be binding. Your divorce process may reveal opportunities to contest these agreements depending on the circumstances under which they were executed.

Business Ownership & Business Arrangements

Any businesses owned by you or your spouse will be considered when your case goes to court, and will include an evaluation of deferred compensation, stock investments, and partnerships. Our high asset divorce attorneys work with you so you thoroughly understand how the court may consider all operations, debts, and net worth. 

Tax Structures & Planning

Complex tax structures and planning often go hand-in-hand with significant wealth. An adept high net worth divorce lawyer will be able to determine if it is necessary to consult a CPA to investigate your taxes and ensure you’re not at risk of exposure to further taxation throughout the legal proceedings. 

Real Estate, Investments, & Retirement Accounts

A high net worth divorce means everything will be scrutinized, from the properties you own to your investments and retirement accounts. Your lawyer needs to consider:

  • All real estate properties (business, holiday, or residential)
  • The current and future value of investments like bonds, stocks, and properties 
  • Any retirement plans, including benefits, 401K accounts, and pensions

Amicable vs. Contentious Spouses

Sometimes, even with all the protections in place, the most amicable of divorces can turn sour. If the end of your marriage becomes contentious, the proceedings could take longer and require a more aggressive defense.

Division of High Value Assets

There’s a complexity to the division of high value assets that requires an in-depth understanding of New Jersey law and divorce proceedings. 

Dividing Assets Equitably During an NJ Divorce Proceeding

A divorce can turn ugly quickly when you’re navigating complicated marital assets or can’t agree on what each person is due. The process can feel especially overwhelming if you were previously uninvolved in the financial aspects of your marriage. You need experienced legal counsel to ensure you get what you deserve throughout this difficult time. 

High Net Asset Divorces Require Extra Planning and Negotiation

Depending on the specifics of your high net asset divorce case, you could be entitled to more than you think. Your spouse could be hiding assets from you, preventing you from getting what you’re owed. At Graziano & Flynn, our high asset divorce lawyers know these cases require additional investigation and aggressive negotiation, and we’re prepared to fight for an equitable conclusion. 

Asset & Property Tracing

To ensure equitable distribution, you need a lawyer who can accurately locate assets and properties and identify which are considered marital or separate. This categorization is crucial when it comes to establishing a fair divorce settlement. Only assets categorized as marital assets will be divided equitably between spouses.

Complex Division of Real Estate 

High net worth couples often have multiple real estate holdings. Property tracing helps identify and divide all real estate assets into marital property or exempt (also known as separate property). Exempt properties may include those purchased before the marriage or inherited by one spouse during the marriage. At Graziano & Flynn, we can deftly navigate complex divisions of real estate. 

Commingling of Property

It would be much easier if all property acquired before the marriage and during the marriage fell into clear categories. However, sometimes the division between marital and exempt properties is blurry. Maybe one spouse used their inheritance to pay the mortgage or make a significant shared purchase. A solid divorce attorney can help you claim what’s rightfully yours. 

Do I Need to Hire a Forensic Accountant?

A forensic accountant utilizes investigative accounting skills to analyze business finances and determine if there’s been any fraudulent activity. If a large-scale business is considered a marital asset, a forensic accountant can be an expert witness in your case to determine the value of the business and the income generated for support. Thankfully, we work with forensic accountants at Graziano & Flynn who can identify key assets, income, and possible liabilities.

Do I Need to Hire a Private Investigator?

If your divorce is particularly contentious, Graziano & Flynn will work with private investigators to look for any hidden assets or evidence of cohabitation that could impact alimony payments. If your spouse is hiding assets, that puts them in contempt of court and a judge could require them to pay your legal fees. 

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