Dissolution of Civil Unions

New Jersey has, since 2007, granted same-sex couples the right to enter into civil unions, which confer many of the same rights as marriage. Of course, not all civil unions and not all marriages last. If you are in a civil union and are considering ending the relationship, talk to an experienced lawyer first.

At Graziano & Flynn, P.C., in Cherry Hill, our lawyers are committed to representing people throughout southern New Jersey who are seeking the dissolution of a civil union. We have handled these issues since the civil union law was first passed in 2007, and we have deep experience advising and representing clients seeking civil union dissolution.

In fact, Ronald A. Graziano has authored an article dealing with dissolution of civil unions formed in New Jersey. Mr. Graziano was also a certified trial attorney for over 25 years, so he understands the nuances of the law.

Attorneys Knowledgeable About the Dissolution of Civil Unions

Many of the issues and areas of contention are the same for the dissolution of a civil union as they are for a same-sex divorce. New Jersey has amended many of the statues related to child custody and visitation, property division, and spousal support to ensure they apply to the dissolution of civil unions. The end result is that a civil union dissolution proceeds nearly identically to a divorce proceeding.

Just as with divorce, the dissolution of a civil union can be sought for fault or no-fault. New Jersey courts recognize the same fault actions for civil unions as for divorce:

  • Voluntary sexual intercourse with another person
  • Willful and continued desertion for a period of 12 or more consecutive months
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Separation for a period of at least 18 or more consecutive months
  • Voluntarily induced addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Institutionalization for mental illness for a period of 24 months
  • Imprisonment of the defendant for 18 or more consecutive months
Serving Same-Sex Couples in Camden County, Burlington County and Gloucester County

We are committed to helping protect the rights and interests of people seeking the dissolution of a civil union. We recognize that while New Jersey’s civil union law is relatively new, many people had established domestic partnerships prior to the new law taking effect. This means that many of these cases involve significant assets, children, and retirement savings. Our Cherry Hill lawyers use nearly 60 years of combined legal experience to help protect our clients’ current and future interests.

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